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Ruihong (Suzhou) Electronic Chemicals Co., LTD established in 1993, is a famous factory specializing in the production of microelectronic chemicals in China. The company mainly produces photoresist, supporting reagents, high-purity chemical reagents and other yellow light wet chemicals, which are used in FPD(LCD, TP, OLED, CF), LED, IC and other related electronic industries, and maintains business contact with most related domestic manufacturers.

Suzhou Ruihong Factory covers an area of 15000m2, with factories of 6000m2 and clean rooms of 400m2, and has a 100-grade purification canning line. The company has domestic first-class photoresist detection and evaluation equipment, in line with the modern concept of microelectronic chemicals purification management, a group of experienced technical team.

Suzhou Ruihong has undertaken the national "85 Public Relations" project, the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund project, the "863" major special project, the national major special 02 project, etc. With several national invention patents and high-tech products, it is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

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  • Hotline:0512-69217666
  • Address:501 Minfeng Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City

All rights:Ruihong (Suzhou) Electronic Chemicals Co., LTD蘇ICP備2021029815號-1



Address:168 Shanfeng Road, Wuzhong Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, China

All rights:Ruihong (Suzhou) Electronic Chemicals Co., LTD



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